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The story of Mary and Martha from the Gospel of Luke provides the backdrop for this sermon.  While Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, Martha was "distracted" with many tasks.  What distracts us from our calling through the Gospel?

What do you think those early believers were expecting on that first Day of Pentecost?  I bet they weren't expecting to get lit up by the Holy Spirit?  What are your expectations when you gather with other believers?  If they are pretty low, let's let God light us up with the Spirit's Power!

Jesus breathed on the disciples, just as God breathed into the first created human. The breath of God is new creation! So if anyone is in Christ, there is new creation.  Everything old has passed away, see EVERYTHING is new!  (2 Cor 5)  Easter is about NEW CREATION. We have the Spirit Breathed into us and we are new creation too!

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